Monday, December 21, 2009

Having the reality check

Not long ago I had this real but harsh reality check. I always believed in our youth to be our next entrepreneurs. I had this dream to preach them to venture into the road of entrepreneurs. Until I was challenged by a couple of VCs when they asked me this very strange question, "Do you really believe that entrepreneurs are fresh graduates who are enthusiastic and want to take the challenge? you are wrong" Yes it came to me as a shock. They explained then to me how that most successful entrepreneurs are experienced people, who worked for a time, detected a problem, thought of a solution and decided to start their startup over it. Mostly there former employers are their first client.

Experience, nothing weighs the experience. I had a flashback then, of how a tough ride I had learning by trial and error. And I was almost that close to believe them, until I came back to my senses. It does not matter if you are a fresh Grad or Business Veteran.. It all boils down to the simple fact of living the thrill, and more important, to believe. Believing is the main ingredient here.

It is the role of the experienced people to offer their help to the young entrepreneurs, so they won't live the hard times we lived to manage. don't condemn the entrepreneurs and say they will fail for not having the experience, empower the energy and bring it to action. Tame their flame and direct them. It is their job to be enthusiastic, energetic and wild, and it is the job of the VCs to be wise, and experienced.

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