Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get some focus

Ok, you have the spirit, you are going to take all the risks, and you want to start your very first startup. You brainstormed with your team and you came up with this brilliant idea which will take the world by storm.

Once you started implementing this idea, one of your team members comes up with a more brilliant idea which is an opportunity that you can not lose, and which you must grasp right now. So you innocently decide to put what you are doing on hold or even worse, try to manage juggling things around and balancing between those two lines.

Bad enough, another member of your team think of another brilliant idea, which will not change your direction, but might require some changes in the plan. Again innocently you fall for this huge opportunity that you can not miss, and start to tweak your plan to adopt this huge next big thing.

Before realizing it, you find out that you have made many changes that you are not able to find you original plan now. Every thing seems fuzzy and regretfully you could not create one success story cause you were busy changing plans rather than making them succeed.

Once a friend told me, when a leopard goes for a hunt, he stands still until he chooses a pray from the herd. Once found he goes after it until he catches it. If another pray passes by his shoulder, he never blinks towards it, cause if he did, he will end up jumping around chasing every pray for a moment until they all run away.

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