Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ideas are not the building brick

when Masaru Ibuka starred Sony in 1945 he had no specific product idea. Their first attempt was a simple rice cooker which failed. If this proves anything then it proves that ideas are not the building brick in any startup, its the team which matters. The spirit and the feeling that you are able to face the world and realize your dream. This heat will generate the success and ideas, and will be able to adopt any failures and change it into success.

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Tarek said...

Yeah, you're right. Google didn't invent Search Engines, Facebook didn't invent Social Networks, and I guess Jaiku was older than Twitter.

And in fact, the twitter case, is the most mind itching one here. I believe that Jaiku has much more features compared to Twitter. Yet, twitter was able to beat the sh**t out of Jaiku. May be it's marketing, or relationships. May be it's something else, a secret sauce, that we - entrepreneurs - need to discover.

I think on of the main problems, is that entrepreneurs focus more on the technical part of their startups. It's sure important to have a better product, and more advanced features than your competitors, but they have to have revolutionary marketing and branding ideas as well.